Bet Manager

The Bet Manager enables you to place bets in the Place Bets tab, manage your existing bets in the My Bets tab and view market information in the Market Info tab.

Place Bets tab

Back or lay your selection by clicking the coloured box along side your selection below the words ‘Back’ or ‘Lay’. Odds displayed in the coloured boxes are the best odds currently available. Your selection name will then appear in the Bet Manager to the right hand side in the Place Bets tab. Now enter your stake amount and odds.

The place bets tab by default contains by default only two buttons, Back All and Lay All. Backing or laying a selection in the Market view places the Place Bets tab in an active state where you can Choose your Odds, Choose your Stake, Liability, Payout and Submit your Bet(s). In its active state you can also turn on/off functionality such as Detail View, Verify Bets and %Book.

Back All

Selecting this button will load all the backable market selections into the place bets tab.

Lay All

Selecting this button will load all the layable market selections into the place bets tab.

Choose your Odds

You can enter your odds manually in the Your Odds box by selecting the area with your mouse cursor. Alternatively you can adjust the odds up and down using the arrow keys.

All Betfair bets must be placed at ‘acceptable’ Odds increments. This ensures that the market remains disciplined. For example, if you would like to leave an order on the system, you can only change the current Odds by the increment, or multiple of the increment, or multiple of the increment, shown below.

From To Increment
1 3 0.01
3.02 6 0.02
6.05 10 0.05
10.1 20 0.1
20.2 30 0.2
30.5 50 0.5
51 100 1
102 500 2
505 1000 5
1000+ Not Allowed

Choose your Stake

Enter your stake by selecting the Your Stake box with your mouse cursor. The minimum stake on Betfair is ?2. The maximum stake is determined by your account balance only.


The maximum amount you can lose on a given bet.


The maximum amount you can win on a given bet.

Submit your bet(s)

To submit your bet click the submit button located at the top and bottom on the place bets tab. If you have the Verify Bets option selected the next screen you see will be a restatement of your bet details. If you are happy with your bet selection press the yes button to submit your bet.

Show help

This checkbox option located at the bottom of the place bets tab allows the user to turn on and off the detailed betting information in the place bets area. As you become more comfortable with the interface turning off this function allows you to see more selections in the Bet Manager.