When Exchange Poker High Low Ends?

When can I no longer bet on a selection and when does the game end?

Betting will not be permitted on selections for which an outcome is already known. Once the outcome of a selection is known, it is labelled as ‘WINNER’ for winning selections or ‘ELIMINATED’ for losing selections, and bets are settled on the selection. The game ends when the computer predicts incorrectly or it predicts to the last card. The game is always played to its conclusion even if the outcome is already known. Note that card 11 and the last card will be turned over at the same time if card 11 is predicted correctly.

What are the round times?

The round times in Exchange Hi Lo are configurable and hence subject to change without notice. An example of round times would be:
Standard Stream
Rounds 1 to 3 = 30 Sec
Round 4 onwards = 25 SecTurbo Stream
Round 1 to 3 = 22 Sec
Round 4 onwards = 18 Sec

What is the card counter?

In order to ensure that every user is aware of the cards that have already been turned and the cards that are remaining, we’ve included a handy little card counter below the Exchange Hi Lo game movie. We’ve also included information about whether the computer has predicted higher or lower just above the card counter.

exchange games next card prediction

In the above example you’re able to tell a number of things:

  1. The last card turned (i.e. the current card) is 6
  2. Cards 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, Jack and Queen have already been turned
  3. Cards 5, 8, King and Ace remain
  4. 1 remaining card is lower than the 6 and 3 remaining cards are higher than the 6
  5. Therefore the computer has predicted that the next card will be higher

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