Information in My Bets tab

To see an up to date list of your unmatched and matched bets, click one of the update buttons on the My Bets tab. The update buttons also refresh your profit/loss projections for the market you’re viewing. The profit/loss option can be turned on using the tick box just above the list of selections in the market.


Betfair does not require exact matching of bets. It allows you to match only part of another bet as required. This is called partial matching.

Editing Unmatched Bets

You can edit any unmatched bets at any time by changing the odds or stake and clicking ‘Submit’.

Cancelling Unmatched Bets

You can cancel any of your outstanding bets that have not yet been matched. However, once a bet has been matched you can no longer cancel it.

Any bet that has not yet been matched can be cancelled simply by ticking the grey box beside the bet, and then clicking ‘Submit’. If a bet has already been part-matched then you can only cancel the outstanding amount.

Cancel All

This button cancels all your unmatched bets in the market you’re viewing straightaway. As soon as you’ve pressed this button, your Confirmed Bets screen will show you confirmation of the changes you’ve made. The button does not affect matched bets in any way.


Submit refreshes your unmatched and matched bets. When you open your My Bets tab, you automatically see the latest list of your bets. If you continue to view My Bets, you can click update in order to see any unmatched bets that have since become matched. Submit also refreshes your profit and loss figures. Submit also submits your changes to unmatched bets. You can edit your odds or stakes on unmatched bets or cancel them completely.


If you’re making changes to unmatched bets, but decide not to submit these changes, reset will return your bets to their existing state. The button does not affect matched bets in any way.

Back/Lay and Selection Drop Down

‘Back/Lay’ displays back bets first and lay bets second and separates the display of unmatched and matched bets. ‘Selection’ displays all unmatched and matched bets on the same selection together. You will only really see a difference in the display if you have a large number of bets.

Order by Matched Date

You will only see this option if you are viewing matched bets with the Back/Lay drop down. It displays matched bets in the order in which they were matched. To see the time bets were matched, tick Bet Info.

Bet Info

This displays the time a bet was placed for unmatched bets and the time a bet was matched for matched bets. If you have ‘Consolidated’ or ‘Av. Odds’ ticked, the bet matched time will not display because bets are being lumped together.

Matched Bets

If you don’t want to view your matched bets, you can un-tick this box. Turning matched bets off can improve the performance of My Bets for users who have large numbers of matched bets.


This displays matched bets at the same odds together.

Av. Odds

Average Odds displays all matched bets together. The fewer rows listed in My Bets, the faster your My Bets will download. Average Odds (and Consolidated Odds to a lesser extent) can improve the performance of your My Bets tab.

Best Execution

Best execution is the process by which Betfair will match a user’s bet at better odds than asked for, when available. This normally occurs in two ways (a) the best odds may be only offered at a small stake while the second best odds are at a much larger stake. A user may enter the required odds as the second best, which has the effect of matching the small bet at the better odds and the large bet at the second best odds. This process has the added advantage of somewhat protecting users from entering totally erroneous prices; (b) where a user has entered a bet but, before it is confirmed, better odds become available. A user will always get the best odds available at the time of matching.

Market Info tab

The Market Info tab contains specific market information about the event you have selected. This includes the amount of money matched on the market as well as detailed market rules.