How To Verify Bets

This checkbox option located at the bottom of the place bets tab allows the user to turn on and off the verify bets feature. When this feature is activated it places a verify bets screen in between final bet submission. This feature is extremely useful for new users and prevents accidental bets being placed. As you become more comfortable with exchange betting turning off this features vastly speeds bet placement.

My Bets tab

My Bets displays all your unmatched and matched bets on the market you’re viewing. If you have any unmatched bets at all, they will always be displayed in your My Bets tab. If you only see matched bets, it means you do not have any unmatched bets on the market you’re viewing.

Matched and Unmatched Bets

If you take all or part of the stake money available in the market, you will then have a ‘matched’ bet. This is the same as a traditional bookmaker bet: If you win, your stake is returned to you together with your winnings when the result is known. Please note once a bet is matched it cannot be cancelled.

If you submit a bet, but another user takes the available stake money first (which can happen, particularly in a fast moving market), your bet will still be placed in the market at the odds and stake you entered, but it will be listed on your My Bets tab as ‘unmatched’.

You can cancel any unmatched bet or leave it in the market as an offer to be matched. If your bet (or a proportion of it) is still unmatched when betting on the event closes, the unmatched part of the stake will be returned to account.

Be aware to cancel unmatched bets before you leave the site, otherwise you stand the risk that the bet will still be matched whilst you’re not logged in.