Stake and Stake Money Queue

The stake money that you see available in the market view at each odds increment can be a combination of one or more different users’ unmatched bets. When you match a bet you will always be matched with the first bet that was placed at those particular odds i.e. first come first served. There is therefore an incentive for users to offer odds early or to offer better odds than those currently available.

You can bet all or part of the total stake amount shown. If the required stake is not available at the best odds, you can adjust your odds to the second- or third-best and place the full stake amount. The system will automatically match the stake available at the best odds first and then the stake at the 2nd best odds and so on down to the minimum odds acceptable to you.

Book %

The Book Percentage is shown at the top of the Back and Lay sides of the market. This gives a measure of the competitiveness of the prices that are on offer in a market. It is worked out by adding up the individual percentage chance of every selection based on the price that is being offered. It is often referred to as the “overound”.

If you are Backing a selection you would ideally look for a market where the Book Percentage was as low as possible (which usually means as close to 100% as possible). Very occasionally, a Book Percentage will go lower than 100% (referred to as an “overbroke” book). If this occurs you could theoretically Back every selection and guarantee a profit. However, this kind of market anomaly usually corrects itself very quickly.

Book % when Placing Bets

Viewing the Book % on the Bet Manager when placing bets will help you make sure you have selected the odds you want. The Book % is only displayed for bets where you have entered both the odds and stake.

If you are laying all selections in a market (where there can be only one winner) you should ensure your Book % is greater than 100% otherwise you are guaranteed to lose money (if all your bets are matched). Similarly if you place bets with a Book % greater than 100% and all your bets are matched, you are guaranteed to make money.